Benson's Story


(Benson Lusenie is a 17-year old young man who came to Sonnia House (Smithsonnia Children’s Home) after his father died and his mother was unable to help continue his schooling due to illness. Read his testimony of how Sonnia House took him in and enabled him to continue his education.)

I came to Smithsonnia Children’s Home (SCH) with the help of a neighbour. As I was hesitant, she encouraged me and offered to accompany me to SCH. When I told them my story, I was accepted.

SCH started paying my school fees and provided my uniforms, shoes, school bags, exercise books and text books. This support has continued up to the present time when I’m now in Senior Secondary School Level 4 which is the final stage of my secondary school education and will sit to the West African Secondary School Certificate Examination in June 2018 for admission into a Tertiary Institution.

It is like I still have a father even though I am an orphan. Truly, SCH is an amazing place. When I grow up, I want to contribute to an environment like that. With the continued support from SCH, I plan to study medicine.

I want to thank Smithsonnia Children’s Home for taking care of me and all my responsibilities. I want to offer sincere thanks and appreciation to Madam Massah F. Smith as the Founder of this noble organisation. Special thanks goes to Franconia Community Church (food provision) and Arlington Community Church (donation of our truck and a generous special offering) both in Virginia USA..

Your sponsorship has transformed my life. It has allowed to be an educated person and become a service provider to my colleagues, OVCs, and my community at large.

It has been and will continue to be such a blessing to us. Thanks for your kindness shown to us.

May the Almighty GOD Bless you and your entire families abundantly. !!!Amen!!!

Best Regards

Benson Luseni

School Uniform Drive

We need your help!


The Sonnia Home children will be unable to attend school without new school uniforms which have to be hand-sewn in the local community. Due to the flooding in Free Town, Sierra Leone the cost of goods is rapidly increasing so we need to purchase the fabric as soon as possible.

Your gift of $40 covers one uniform, but each child needs two uniforms (one to was one to wear) so your gift of $80 would cover one child's uniform needs for the entire school year. We need to purchase two uniforms for 123 children so help us spread the word.

The uniforms are handmade by members of the local community

The uniforms are handmade by members of the local community